A Dog's Prayer
Dear Lord ~ Please watch over our human's ~ They are so weak ~ They
have no claws ~ They can't run fast ~ Neither can they burrow or build a
nest ~ In which they can be safe ~ They smell bad ~ Do things that
aren't really intelligent ~ Have no real ability to communicate with us ~
Though we are able to figure out what they want ~ Lord Please grant us
the ability to watch over our human's ~ Care for them ~ Cheer them
when they're down ~ Make them laugh and smile ~ Also able to shower
them with our love ~ We pray that we can bring a little joy into their
otherwise mudane existance ~ Lord please let them know that when we
insist on getting their attention ~ It's so we can check their emotional
wellbeing ~ And boost their morale ~ When we pester them for different
foods, toys etc ~ It's just so they will learn to see us in ways they hadn't
considered ~ Bringing them closer and back into the fold ~ Which they
are part of ~ But keep forgetting about ~ They expect us to know what
they want ~ Even though sometimes they don't know what we want ~
Some of them really try ~ And we know they love us ~ But some of
them are so dumb and unfaultering ~ Lord please when we die ~
Please can you send us ahead to wherever our humna's are going to be
~ So we can pave the way for them ~ Vouch for them ~ And be there  
for them when they too die ~ Please allow us to continue proving to You
~ That humans are worth the effort ~ You placed these humans in
dominion over us ~ But You charged us with the task of caring for them
~ And showing them Your love for for everyone of them ~ God please
Bless these mortal beings ~ For they know not ~ That we ARE indeed
their Guardian Angel's ~ Sent in love to task them ~ So that they may
grow to be part of Your great plan ~ You and us ~ Dear God together
we will bring them back into Your fold ~ You and Us ~ ~ ~
~ Author unknown ~
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