The Border Collie
Country of origin
Border of England & Scotland

The Bonnie Border Collie is a super intelligent dog they are renowned for being the
world's most intelligent breed of dog, we had great fun with our Border's they are a very
challenging breed :) And most certainly are not for everyone,  loyal, yep they sure are
but it states that in the breed standard or it should :)

                                  BORDER COLLIE STANDARD

SIZE-PROPORTION-SUBSTANCE : :The Height at the withers  varies from 19 to 22
inches for the Males. 18 to 21 inches for the
Females. The body  from point of shoulder  to buttocks  is slightly longer than the
height at the shoulders. Bone must be strong not excessive. Always in proportion to size.
Overall appearance balance between height, length, weight & bone is crucial & is more
important than any other measurement . Excess weight is not to be mistaken for muscle
or substance. Any single feature of size appearing out of proportion., Should be
considered a Fault.

HEAD : Expression is Intelligent. Alert. Eager & full of Interest.

EYES : Well set apart of moderate size. Oval in shape. The colour encompasses the full
range of Brown. Dogs having primary colours other
than Black may have noticeably lighter eye colour. Lack of pigmentation is a Fault.
Except in the Merle's where one or both or part of one eye may be Blue.

EARS : Medium size. Set well apart. Carried erect or semi-erect. The tips may fall
forward or outward to the side. Ears are sensitive & mobile.

SKULL : Is broad with Octiput not pronounced. Skull & Fore face approximately equal
in length.

STOP- Moderate but distinct.

MUZZEL : Moderately short. Strong & blunt. Tapering towards the nose. The under jaw is
strong & well developed.

NOSE : Colour matches the primary colour. Nostrils are well developed. A snipey
muzzle is a Fault.

BITE - TEETH - JAWS : Are strong. Meeting in a Scissors bite.

NECK - TOP LINE - BODY : Neck is of good length. Strong & muscular. Slightly arched
& boarding to shoulders. Top line is level with slight arch over the loins. Body is
athletic in appearance. Chest is deep, moderately broad, showing great lung capacity

BRISKET reaching to the point of elbow. Rib cage is well sprung. Loins Moderately
deep, muscular, slightly arched with no tuck up. Tail is set low, it is moderately long
reaching to at least the hock. It may have an upward swirl to the tip. Whilst
concentrating on a given task, the tail is carried low. In excitement it might rise level
with the back. A gay tail is a Fault.

FOREQUARTERS : Forelegs well boned & parallel. When viewed from the side the
shoulders are long & well angulated to the upper arm. The elbows are neither turned in
nor out. Dewclaws may be removed.

HINDQUARTERS : Broad & muscular.In profile sloping gracefully to set of tail. The
thighs are long, broad, deep & muscular, with well turned stifles & strong hocks. Well
let down. When viewed from the rear, hind legs are well boned, straight & parallel or
are very slightly cow hocked. Dewclaws may be removed.

FEET : Front & back are compact. Oval in shape. Pads deep & strong toes, moderately
arched & close together. Nails are short & strong.

COAT : Two varieties are permissible. Both soft, dense, weather resistant, double coat. In
puppies the coat is short, dense, weather resistant becoming the undercoat in the adult
dog. The rough coats, medium to long. Texture from flat to slightly wavy. Short &
smooth on the face. Forelegs well feathered. Rear pastern may have coat trimmed short.
With advancing age, coats may become wavy & are not faulted. The Short coat is short
all over.

Colour : The Border Collie appears in many colours with various combinations, of
patterns & markings . The most common colour is black, white blaze, collar, stockings
& tail tip. A variety of primary colours is permissible, the sole exception being ALL
WHITE ... Solid colour, Bi-colour, Tri- colour, Merle & Sable dogs are all judged
equally with the dogs having the traditional markings. Colour & markings are secondary
to physical evaluation & gait.

GAIT :  The B.C. is an agile dog, able to suddenly change direction & speed, without loss
of balance & grace. His trotting gait is free, smooth & tireless with minimum lift of feet.
The top line does not lift as he conveys an effortless glide. He moves with great stealth,
stamina &  strength. Viewed  from the side the stride covers maximum ground with
minimum speed. Front view, the action is forward & true, without weakness in shoulders,
elbows or pasterns. View from behind quarters thrust with drive & flexibility hocks
moving close together but never touching. Any deviation from a sound moving dog is a
Fault. In final assessment, Gait is an essential factor in confirming physical evaluation.

TEMPERAMENT : Affectionate towards family & friends but sensibly reserved with
strangers. Excellent watchdog. Eager to please & learn,. Thrives on human
companionship. Any tendencies towards viciousness & shyness are serious faults.

FAULTS : Any deviation from the foregoing should be considered a fault, seriousness
depending upon the extent of the deviation.
Male dogs should have two normal testicles descended fully into scrotum.
Border Collie Society of America
British Border Collie Club
Please only buy from people dedicated to the breed ok. Please try not to support puppy mills etc.
This page is dedicated to our own passed on Borders, Penny & Rosco,
Lotsa Celtic love a Lady O' Erin {{x
*The Borders*