To Welcome The
English Cocker Spaniel
Travel In
Visit Britain
a very loving, trusting dog. So he does need the true love of a loving home of which he is so truly worthy of,, Nuff
of my prattling on with the Standard .........

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Merry, sturdy well balanced. Compact measuring approximately  same as from the
withers to the ground. As from withers to root of tail. Merry nature, with an ever wagging tail. Shows a typical
bustling movement when in movement. Particularly when following a scent. Fearless for heavy cover.

TEMPERAMENT : Gentle & affectionate, yet full of life & exuberance.

HEAD : Square MUZZLE with distinct STOP. Set mid way between top & occtiput.

SKULL: Well developed, cleanly Chiseled, neither too fine nor too coarse, cheekbones not prominent.

NOSE : Sufficiently wide for acute scenting power.

EYES : Full but not prominent Dark brown
NEVER light. But in a case of Chocolate, Chocolate Roan,
Chocolate & White. Dark Hazel to harmonise with  coat With expression of intelligence & gentleness.

EARS : Lobular, set on low level with the eyes. For leathers extending to nose tip, covered with long silky hair.

MOUTH : Jaws strong with a perfect regular or scissor bite ( upper teeth slightly over lapping the bottom teeth )
& set square to the jaws.

NECK : Moderate length muscular, set firmly into fine sloping shoulders. Clean throat.

FOREQUARTERS : Shoulders sloping & fine. Legs well boned sufficiently short for concentrated power. Not too
short too interfere with the tremendous exertions from this grand hunting dog.

BODY : Strong compact. Chest well defined & Brisket, Neither too wide nor narrow in front. Ribs well sprung.
Loin short, wide firm level top line, gently sloping downwards to tail, from end of loin to tail.

HINDQUARTERS : Wide well rounded. Very muscular well boned. Good bend of stifle. Short below hocks.
Allowing for plenty of drive.

FEET : Firm. Thickly padded. Catlike.

TAIL : Set on slightly lower than line of back. MUST be merry in action & carried level.
Never cocked up. Customarily docked but never too short to hide, nor too long to interfere with the necessary
action when walking..

Coat : Flat silky in texture Never wavy. Not too profuse & never curly. Well feathered forelegs, body, hind legs
above the hocks.

COLOUR : Various self colours. NO white allowed except on chest.

SIZE : Height approximately Dogs 15 to 16 inches. Bitches 15 1/2 inches.

WEIGHT : Approximately 28 to 32 lbs.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing should be considered a fault & the seriousness with which the fault
should be considered in proportion to it's degree.

NOTE : Male animals should have two normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

And that is our very merry, happy go lucky English Cocker Spaniel description. This is a dog as with all dogs
should be treated with respect. Please I beg you do
NOT buy puppies from Pet Shops etc, Please instead could
you please call a responsible, reputable, reliable, knowledgeable, Breeder, They
KNOW what they are doing, &
are very concerned about all their puppies okay?, &
I KNOW that they will be only to eager to help you with your

To be honest if you knew what we know, you'd think more than twice before buying your puppy from an
unknown source. A Jolly good breeder has so many pros going for them plus the fact you KNOW where your
puppy came from, the list of pro's for the good breeder's is endless. Please if you have brought or intend to  buy a
puppy as a pet then please get your pet, Spayed /Neutered. You'll be doing an awful lot of people & dogs a very
big favour, plus as sure as the Heavens fly over us all, the intolerable sad heartbreaking death rate of unwanted
dogs nationwide will be drastically reduced if not stopped altogether.

Here's bidding you all a fond farewell for now.
May God Bless & Keep You All Safe,
May the winds always be warm at your backs,
Dai duit, Lotsa Celtic love,
Yours a lady O' Erin, Patti {[x}}