Dedicated to my very dear & close friend Pyrangel Rescuer Joan Fremo. Sadly Joanie has passed on, we shall always love &
miss you sweetheart, You were so bonnie you wonderful magic founder of Pryangel Rescue Network .... .... ....  
I know how much you loved this song, as much as I do :) I still often listen to it as I'm saying my prayers before I too lay me
down to sleep. God Love & Bless you.
Love you bunches & you're still sorely & badly missed!. My wee Celtic elf :) {{x}}

This is a dog of immense size & full of majesty. Super keen intelligence. A kindly expression of unsurpassed beauty of a
certain elegance. Mostly all white with markings of badger grey or varying shades of tan. In the ambling gait, he shows
unmistakably the purpose for which this beautiful dog was bred. Guarding the sheep/goats. Pastoral life in all kinds of
weathers  on the slopes of the Gt Pyrenees mountains. So soundness is of the utmost importance, because it is absolutely
necessary for carrying out this centuries old task.

SIZE : Males 27" to 30"at the shoulders. Females 25" to 29"s. Length from shoulder blades to root of tail should be the same
as the height. in any given specimen. Average girth is 36" to 46"s for the males & 32" to 36"s for the  females. Weight runs
100 to 125lbs for the boys, 90 to 115lbs for the girls. Dog should be heavily boned. Closed cupped feet. Double dewclaws on
hindlegs. Single dewclaws on the frontlegs.  
HEAD : Large wedge shaped. 10" to 11"s from dome to point of nose. Rounding crown. Furrow only slightly developed with no
apparent sign of a stop.
EARS : V shaped but rounded at the tips. Meduim size parrallel with the eyes. Carried low & close to the head. Except when
raised to  attention.
EYES : Meduim size, slightly obliquely. Dark rich brown only. with close eyelids, well pigmented.
DEWLAPS : Developed but little. Head is brief that of a brown bear, but with the ears falling down.
NECK : Short, stout & strongly muscled.
BODY : Well placed shoulders set obliquely. Close to the body.
BACK & LOIN : Well coupled, straight & broad.
HAUNCHES : Fairly prominent.
RUMP : Sloping slightly.
RIBS : Flat sided.
CHEST : Deep
TAIL : Of sufficent length to hang below the hocks.Well plumed. Carried low when in repose. Curled high over the back "
Making the wheel " when alert.
COAT : Created to withstand the severe weather. Very heavy white undercoat & long thick outer coat of coarser hair, Hair is
straight or slightly undulating.
QUALITIES : In addition to his age old tradition of being a protector of pasteral life.  Protector of his sheep & goats.
The Gt. Pyrenees has been used for centuries as a guard & watchdog on the large estates of his native France. He has proven
ideal for it. He is as serious in play as he is in work. adapting himself & moulding himself to the moods, desires & even the
lives  of his human companions. Through fair & foul weathers, through leisure hours, fraught with danger, responsibility &
extreme exertion. This wonderful magic dog has an exemplification of gentleness & docility with those he knows. He is
faithful, filled with such a devotion, that he is willing to lay down his own life for those that he loves & protects. Willing to
sacrifice his own life for his loved ones & his charges.

Please do not over breed this wonderful dog, there are far too many homeless ones bred by well, you know who ok. If you don't
believe me take a trip through your local animal pounds you never know what breeds you will see there :( Those
heartbreaking eyes filled with questions like  "Why have I been abandoned & put into this place?" It's not nice These darling
animals of ALL breeds do NOT ask to be born, that's why we have dedicated ethical responsible, reputable breeders!. Breeders
who care so much about their chosen breeds. Please do NOT support back yard breeders & PLEASE I earnestly beg of you do
NOT support those horrid places known as PUPPY MILLS :(

Please contact either myself , Joan mail addy  Her page will be linked to this one. Or your nearest
GPCA rep, their page too will be linked to this one. for any Pyr's that need rescuing. We rescue our precious breed because we
love them dearly. If you want top notch breeders who are reputable, responsible & reliable please mail me & I will send you
the info. Please don't buy pups where you can not see or feel the parents of the puppies, please spay/neuter pups where you
can not sit down with the breeder & learn all you can about this magnificent breed. We treasure them, & they in turn give us
their undying love & protection,. Also please do some legwork & find out if a Pyr is the dog really for you, Joan & the GPCA
have plenty of very valuable information on their pages please take advantage of them. We ARE ALL here for our breed &
also for YOU, alright. We are ALL willing to help you with all your questions. Why ?, because of our great love for our bonnie,
magic Gt.Pyrenees.

Country of origin

Great Pyrenees Club of America
F.A.Q.S  About Gt Pyrs. With plenty of  helpful advice.
Padeane Multi Breed Rescue

Las Vegas

Nevada U.S.A.
Dia Duit, May the wind always be warm on your backs,

May God shower us all with many blessings,

God love and protect us & our magic Pry's,

Patti {{X}}