Mascot of the Royal Irish Guards.

Ireland. Land of the Leprechaun. Rainbow. Poet & Song. The Mythical Unicorn. Oh to be sure how She is filled with
legends of days long gone. Oh our Beloved Ireland from out of you did spring such a magnificent beast. Oh such a
dog with such a heart that for his family members he would love & cherish them evermore. He would defend his
own, though at times his master at him would oft times moan. Whoops better stop getting into my poetry again.
Naughty me, hahahaha. Heres our Irish Wolfhound for ye all .........

GENERAL APPEARANCE : Of great size & commanding appearance. The Irish Wolfhound is remarkable in
combining power & swiftness ( has a 12 foot span when going flat out ). With keen sight. The tallest & largest of
the galloping hounds. In general type he is rough coated. Greyhound like breed. Very muscular. Strong through
graceful movements. Easy & active. Head & neck carried high. The tail carried with an upward sweep with a slight
curve upwards 32 inches & 120 lbs for the Dogs. 30 inches & 105 lbs for the Bitches. These apply to dogs  over 18
months. Anything below this should be debarred from competition. Great size including height at shoulder &
proportionate length of body. It is a desiratum to be aimed at & desired to firmly establish a race between 32 to
34 inches in dogs showing the Requisite power, activity, courage & symmerity.
HEAD : Long frontal bones of the forehead very slightly raised & very little indentation between the eyes.
SKULL : Not too board.
MUZZLE : Long & moderately pointed.
EARS : Small & Greyhound like in carriage.
NECK : Rather long. Very strong & muscular. Well arched without dewlap or loose skin around the throat.
CHEST : Very deep & Breast wide.
BACK : Rather long than short. Loins arched.
TAIL : Slightly curved of moderate thickness & well covered with hair.
BELLY : Well drawn up.
FOREQUARTERS : Shoulders muscular giving breadth of chest. Set sloping.
ELBOWS : Well under, neither turning inwards or outwards. LEG : Forearm muscular & the whole leg strong &
quite straight.
HINDQUARTERS : Muscular thighs, second thigh long & straight as in the Greyhound.
HOCKS : Well let down neither turning inwards or outwards.
FEET : Moderately large & round, neither turning inwards or outwards. TOES : Well arched & closed. NAILS : Very
strong & curved.
HAIR : Rough & hard on the body. Legs especially wiry & long over the eyes & underjaw.
COLOUR & MARKINGS : The recognized colours are Gray, Brindle, Red, Black, Pure White, Fawn or any colour that
appears in the Scottish Deerhound.
FAULTS : Too light or heavy a head. Too highly arched frontal bone. Large ears & hanging flat to face. Short neck.
Full dewlap. Too narrow or broad a chest. Sunken or hollow or quite straight back. Bent forelegs. Overshot
fetlocks. Twisted feet.. Spreading toes. Too curly a tail. Weak hindquarters. A general want of muscle tone. Too
short in body. Lips or nose liver coloured or lackly in pigmentation.

Now this is NOT a dog for everyone, he is a very bonnie dog, needs lotsa exercising. He is also Ireland's National
dog breed. With a history steeped in legends. A loving loyal dog. Please remember that he is from our Erin, & to
be as cherished & loved the same way we love our old country. Ok. Please if you need further info on this
wonderful breed before you rush out & buy on impulse, please sit down with a reliable knowledgeable breeder of
the IW, listen, read up on the breed, then decide. They have to be accepted by all your family as they are indeed
family dogs. Please click the Irish Wolfhound link for breeders, now take care,

May God Bless each & everyone and may your many blessings, Far, far outnumber the thousands of shamrocks
that grow in our beloved Erin                                  

Dia duit everyone.
Lotsa Celtic love from a Lady O' Erin
. {{x}}  
Country of origin ... again where
else but our beloved Ireland :)
A Hundred Thousand Welcomes :)
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