This tribute is for My LadyLove, and is also dedicated to my daughter Cathy, Elizabeth my
grand-daughter & Joe, Cathy's husband. Cathy we will always have our wonderful memories of
our sweet precious * LadyLove *. With Fondest and deepest love, Mum
Oh God, why did you from me take her away ?, I often feel like I can not face the day,
She was my friend sweet and true, she was my guiding light when I was so very ill.
Oh please God it's been 18 years, and yet whenever I think of her, my heart's still full of tears,
Since You from me took her and I miss her sorely still, My LadyLove of Maybe,
I loved you with a love that we both knew was so very true. You helped me walk upright again,
You were my living loyal, dedicated crutch for me after that operation on my brain,
And when it was time for my medication, T'was me you woke with your sweet dedication,

I remember the joy on your sweet loving face, when your precious name I first really spoke,
You were so very patient and always so very gentle with me, everyone who saw you with me,
On that they did all surely agree. You were by my side to help me take my first unaided real step, I
remember how I bent to thank you and I wept. But you knew that they were really tears of joy. And
you kissed me. Oh my lovely LadyLove, deep inside of me the pain of losing you will never go
away. Because you my darling LadyLove you're always in my heart  forevermore to stay.

I sadly remember that bleak grey sunday morn' at three am, before you sadly passed away.
How you first found the strength to wake me to bid me your last sad loving goodbyes.
I remember how I looked into your soft sweet, loving dark brown eyes, and how my heart was
filled with woe. Because I saw in them your sadness at leaving me tears aflowing so. I can
remember having my heart and arms around you, as I earnestly, crying begged God to let you
with me stay.

Oh my LadyLove it's sometimes so quiet and dark without you at my side, because with our Dear
Sweet Heavenly father it was your time to bide, I am still missing you so, My sweet LadyLove. I
know you know that whenever I think of you, my tears will sadly and brokenheartled for you they
will always flow.

My LadyLove, my sweet St.Bernard until the day I die, that for my sad heart wrenching loss of you
I will always cry. I loved you so, I try so hard to let you go. But forever in my heart I shall always
know. That you my dearest LadyLove of Maybe, You know I could never really let you go ... ... ... ...

Dedicated to my bestest furchild ever. My LadyLove of Maybe, she was my nurse, & everyone
who knew her, shared the same gentle love & tenderness. That I for a wondrous, love & joy filled
13 1/2 years had the joy to know .....