Now this is the dog we affectionately call " Our Dulux Dog " back home. They are agile dogs. Also very
extremely loving. They make ideal house dog's as they don't like to roam. A very noble dog. Grooming can
take a wee while. I'd advise grooming at least twice a week, if not daily. A fun loving companion, full of love &
spirit ...... OK onto to the Old English Standard  .......

GENERAL APPEARANCE & CHARACTERISTICS : Strong. Compact dog of great symmetry. Practically the same
in measurement from shoulder to stern as in height. Absolutely free of legginess or weaseliness. Very elastic
in his gallop but in walking or trotting he has a characteristic ambling or pacing movement. Bark should be
loud with a peculiar  " Pot Crasse " ring in it. Taking him all around he is profuse but NOT excessively coated.
Thick set. Muscular. Able bodied dog with a most intelligent expression. Free from all Poodle or Deerhound
character ...
SKULL : Capacious rather squarely formed, giving plenty of room for brain power. The parts over the eyes
should be well arched & the whole well covered with hair. JAW : Fairly long. Strong square & truncated. The
STOP should be well defined to avoid a Deerhound like face. A LONG NARROW HEAD is a deformity.
EYES : Vary according to the colour of the dog. Very dark preferred, but in the glaucous or blue eyed dogs, a
pearl walleye or china eye is considered typical. A LIGHT eye is
MOST objectionable
NOSE : Always black, large & capacious.
TEETH : Strong & large. Evenly placed & level in opposition.
EARS : Medium sized & carried flat to the side of the head. Coated moderately.
LEGS : Forelegs should be dead straight, with plenty of Bone. Removing the body a medium height from the
ground without approaching legginess. Well coated all around.
FEET : Small. Round. Toes well arched. Pads thick & hard.
TAIL : It is preferably that there should be none. Should however never exceed 1 1/2/ inches in grown dogs.
When not born naturally bobtailed, puppies should be docked ASAP after  birth at the first joint from the
body. NECK & SHOULDERS :  The neck should be fairly long. Arched gracefully & well coated with hair. The
shoulders sloping  & narrow at the points. The dog standing lower at the shoulder than at the loin .
BODY : Rather short. Very compact. Ribs well sprung. Brisket deep & capacious
The loin should be very stout & gently arched.
HINDQUARTERS : Should be round & muscular. Well let down hocks. The hams densely covered with a long
jacket in excess to any other part.
COAT : Profuse but not so excessive as to give the dog the impression of being overfed. Good hard texture.
Not straight but very shaggy & free from curl. QUALITY OF COAT TO BE CONSIDERED ABOVE MERE
PROFUSENESS. Softness & flatness is to be considered a fault. The undercoat  should be a waterproof  pile.
When not removed by grooming or season.
COLOUR : Any shade of Grey - Grizzle - Blue - Blue Merled. With or without white markings or in reverse ANY
SIZE : 22 inches & upwards for the dogs. & slightly less for the bitches. Type, character, & symmetry are of
the GREATEST importance & are on no account to NOT to be sacrificed to size alone.

Okay there you have it now. Now again I urge you NOT to rush out & buy any dog without first doing your
homework on your chosen breed/s. You must be willing to devote time & also be willing to include any dog
into your family home as a family member. Dogs love human companionship they all crave it.. Hoping you
have enjoyed the small histories & standards of all the breeds we rescue. If you feel you can help us in any
way. Monetary or by helping us foster. Please feel free to mail us & we'll gladly take you up on your most
gracious offer, with saving Gods Precious beloved dog's.

                          Thanking you all kindly. May God Bless You
                  & may he shower you all with His many Blessings.
                            Lotsa Celtic love, Yours a Lady O' Erin {{x}}
"Cor just what I needed after a hard days work .
ummmm .. now wheres me tea & nosh ?. ........"
Lotsa LOL'S yep I do have a sense of humour.
I sure loved doing these pages for you all to sit & ponder about.

Please help us save God's animal's from ghastly places like puppy mills etc.

Yes we sadly do know that we can't possibly save them all. But we can but try, can't we ?

{{\o/}}  Please God help us to save Your Animals,We need your help sweet Heavenly Father. {{\o/}}

Country of Origin: ENGLAND
Old English Sheepdog
Club Of America
The Greater London
Old English Sheepdog Club
"Think he'll let us have one of them deckie
chairs or even his to sit on?"

" Nah he's too comfy in it! ".