Country of Origin

No this is NOT a Saint Bernard x Great Pyrenees. This is a Pyrenean Mastiff!

A large dog throughout. Well proportioned & muscular. With a compact skeleton. Although
large in size, it should never be cumbersome, flabby or sluggish.

HEIGHT: No maximum height or weight, as long as the current proportions are in effect
throughout the whole dog. Infact the taller the better provided the symmetry is
maintained throughout the whole dog. Minimum height Males 77 cms, Females 72 cms. It is
preferred that Males  reach a minimum of 81 cms.

TEMPERAMENT : Meek & docile. Extremely intelligent. It can be very brave & fierce with
strangers. This dog shows extreme benevolence towards other dogs, knowing that should
the need arise it is a highly skilled in fighting off Wolves. Has a very deep & immense bark.

HEAD : Large & strong, moderately long skull face look, that will be in uniform. Showing
no specific difference in width. When viewed side on it will look deep not Wolf like. There
will be a slight defined stop.

WIDTH of the skull should be or slightly superior to the length.. Occiput crest will be well
marked. In profile the face will look somewhat triangular. Large, slightly diminishing
towards the Truffle. Subterranean. Should never look snipy nosed ( Collie nosed ) .

EYES : Small hazel, preferably showing aggression towards strangers. Yet very sweet
towards a friend.

EYELIDS Black. Close to eyes. When dog is alert, attentive. Lower eyelid shows a small part
of the conjuntiva, when resting.

EARS : Medium sized. V shaped. Plain & inserted well over the line. When alert should be
separated from the face. Partially lifted NEVER should be amputated. No enforced dog
fights  please
!!! .

TEETH : Scissor bite. Rather small incisors compared to the size of the canine teeth & the
strength of the Molars. Should have ALL Premolars.

NECK : Wide. Strong muscled. Flexible with a double wide developed Gill. But exaggerated.

BODY : Rectangular. Strong showing great power. Wide Chest. Well marked chest plate.
Round Brisket. (Chest). Back will narrow towards the hips.

FOREQUARTERS : Straight Parallel. Well muscled & obliques shoulders. Larger than the

FOREARMS : Are triple the Pasterns in size.

HINDQUARTERS : Good rear angulation. Strong muscled. Heavy boned. Well marked Hocks.

FEET : Cat feet. Slightly oval. May have Single or Double Dewclaws. Preferred to be left on
the dog.

TAIL : Strong at root. Medium set, Strong Flexible. Showing an important Panche. Reaches
the Hocks when in repose. When in action, it will be held as a Sabre. Rather curled at the
bottom, but totally folded. And NEVER resting over the back (Gay tail) .

MOVEMENT : Trot is preferred. Powerful, showing a sense of purpose. Straight NEVER
plaiting. COAT : Half long Thick & lying close flat to body. Ideal medium length 6 to 9 cms
at middle of the back. Longer on neck, shoulders, Stomach. Hind & Forequarters.

COLOUR : Basically White. Always with a well defined Mask. Mask colour similar  to the
irregular shapes on the body. Ears always marked. Best colours are Pure White with
medium Grey masks, Deep Gold, Dusk, Black, Silver grey, Light Tan, Sand, Brindle.

FAULTS : Sheepdog face & head. Lack of a premolar. Slight distortion when in movement.
Slight shyness. Slightly curled coat. More than 9 cms long.

SERIOUS FAULTS : Snipy or excessively rounded muzzle. Incorrect laying of Quarters
Weak Bone. Moderate engonatism. Lack of ANY teeth. Unless caused by an accident. Roach
back. Loins taller than shoulders. Very curly coat or whenever less than 6 cms or over 11
cms. NO Mask. Depigmentated pigmintation. Ears or Tail cut. Exaggerated Entopian or
Ectropian. Tail leaning over the back with no panche or straight at end. Fragile &
Lympathic appearance. Unstable Character.

ELIMINATING FAULTS : Excessive engonatism. Lack of pigmentation at Truffle & Mucosa.
Absence of White. No White markings at quarters & tail. Absolutely ALL White dogs.
Absence of Mask. Coat shorter than 3 cms or longer than 13 cms. Monachrid or Crytorchid
dogs. Any marks that are not clearly noticed. This could mean Mongel blood .

A very
RARE dog, lets try & keep it that way. Please do not over breed this wonderful dog.
And Breeders please do try to sell your puppies with co-ownership contracts, this helps to
protect you & your puppy. If a pup turns out to be pet quality, please Spay/Neuter them

If a Puppy is brought as a pet, then a pet it should remain, please Spay/Neuter Pet quality
pups.  Please try to buy your pup, where you can see & feel the parents or from a very
reputable, reliable, responsible dedicated Breeder.  Breeders who are always willing to
help you with your new puppy okay?.

Also to Saint Bernard & Great Pyrenees rescuers, please triple check your rescues, if they
even remotely match the above colours & standard, especially if you think the rescue is a
Saint mix dog. Please ask & look for  verification as to whether or not the dog could
indeed be a Pyrenean Mastiff, okay?
Many  Sincere Thanks ever so much for all you do for our precious breed. It is very
greatly appreciated.

God Love & Bless You All & All Pyrenean Mastiff Fur Kiddies  Worldwide.

Here's wishing you trouble free days & nights,

          Yours a lady o' Erin {{x}}      

         Padeane Multibreed Rescue
          Las Vegas Nevada. U.S.A.