Welcome To The
Las Vegas
Southern Nevada Shelters
This page is dedicated to Shelters Worldwide and to all who work in & support them  

{{\o/}} God Bless Them All {{\o/}}
655 North Mojave Rd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
fax# 702-384-4563

Boulder City Animal Shelter
810 Yucca Street
Boulder City, NV 89005
Phone: (702) 293-9283

190 Athens Avenue,
Henderson NV 89011                       
702 - 365 - 2033

4800 Dewey Drive
Las Vegas NV 89118
702 - 837 - 7722

Betty Honns NS Animal Adoptions,
11300 S. Bermuda Rd.
Las Vegas NV 89044
702- 381 - 2481 OR 702 - 361 - 5137

Dewey Veterinary Medical Center
4800 Dewey Drive
Las Vegas NV    
702 - 873 - 3455

Las Vegas Valley Humane Society
4600 E. Tropicana Avenue, Suite 19
Las Vegas NV 89121
702 - 434 - 2009

Nye Animal Shelter
171 Kitty Hawk Dr
Pahrump, NV
(775) 751-7020
Please everyone, please spay/neuter any animal that you buy as a pet. YES puppies and
Kittens are real cutie's, BUT they DO grow UP!. Please before you buy a pet, please go to
your library and try to  find out as much as possible about your chosen breed. Do NOT buy on
impulse, this often leads to heartbreak, not just for yourself your family but worse of all for
your sadly sometimes now non adaptable pet :( Please check with your veterinarian about the
pros of spaying/neutering. Please try not to support Puppy/Kitten mills.

Also if you find that you have a few spare bucks or even time please ask about volunteering
yourself at your nearest local animal shelter. Again if you want to you could donate blankets,
food etc to your shelter :) Every tiny bit helps our animals