Hello, and many welcomes to page one of our Safety and Health site, ready, ok off we go ~
First the most important thing to remember is to keep ALL your dog/s vaccinations up to date,
including the Rabie's. As the year wears on so does the potency of the vaccines wear down. Rabies,
well the intial one is given, followed by another a year later, then it's Bi-yearly or every second year
after that. NEVER EVER give a dog another rabie's shot within 6 month's, it can KILL your pet.
Check with your Vet's ok. Please keep your pets UTD, Ok Thanx ~ ~ ~ Now I did mention the heat
didn't I ?, Please, Please NEVER leave any Animal in a car on a hot day, please if your pet isn't going
to the Vet's, Show's, Funmatches, & well there are too many to name, please for your cherished pets
safety. Leave them at Home. Prevention is better than cure, and sorry, you will probably hear me say
tht quote quite often, ok. Good. Now onto the emergengy first aid treatment of Heatstroke. Heat is a
KILLER, please if your pet is outside for any length of time please ensure that they have a nice cool
shady kennel or likewise where they can snooze safely. If you do have the sad misfortune of having
your pet have a heat stroke, well first of all DO NOT PANIC !. Never rush for the ice, if you lower
your pet's temperature too fast then you run the awful risk of giving him/her a Cardiac Arrest, ok, yes
high fevers must be reduced as quickly as possible, but use TEPID water at first, try to satuerate your
pet in tepid water, reducing it's temperature slowly so you can then use COOL water, if needs be the
hose but first make sure ALL HOT WATER is out of it, then douse your loved one. Completely soak
them, once their temperature has been safely lowered to be able to recieve the ice treatment, gradually
& gently rub the ice on the pressure points, ( right up under the armpits & upper hindlegs of your pet
if you are not sure where the pressure points are ask your Vet alright ), also rub the ice very gently
over the Head, Neck and the Anus. Now if you happen to have a syring handy, along with a bottle of
either Pedialyte, Gatorade or other health drink which has the esstential Electyrites in them, very, very
slowly and gently drop DROPS into the side of your pets mouth, this will help with the awful
dehydation your cherished pet has just gone through and is still suffering from, and then GET YOUR
PET TO YOUR VET, ASAP, they will take over, remember you have only just administered temporay
First Aid, Your Vet will know exactly what to do, alright. ~ ~ ~
On Page two we will dicuss how to avoid the terrible risks of heat stroke, see you on page two. ~ ~ ~