To a few of our Las Vegas Saintly Friends's
Our own BARRI at 8 wks. He was one of our precious Co-Co's 11 babies :) It looks like he's saying to
Rusty " Say what !, I'm too big to play with you anymore ?". Hee hee, just wait till I get really BIG lol.
Hi I'm GUS & my mum's Dianne, I'm very lovable, &
I just love to spread love around. Way to go Gus !.
MERLIN here. Aunty Patti reunited me with my lovin' family.
( Yes I sure remember THAT night, his tail were awaggin' so
fast I thought it was surely goin' to fall off ). No $$$'s were
exchanged, the sheer love & utmost joy on all their faces,
was more than enough payment for me :))
I'm RILEY & I just love getting plenty of lovin' from my
mum Kathy. Cos I loves my mum very much ...
SASSY here, hummmmm, I hear the sound of
pots & pans, means my din dins is ready YUMMY
BUDDY, LACY & FOXY. No need to tell you what we're doing. We're keeping a very close watch out for Santa. Wish he'd
hurry up & get here 'cos we're just longing to share his milk & biccies. LOLROFLOL.
And that's just a few of our Saintly friends living in Las Vegas Please say tuned because we have many more
of our Saintly friends
coming up from all over the world :)