~ The Life And Times Of Buttercup~
I lay here, once more on the edge of the bed ~ I snuggle and cuddle, so
very close to his sweet head ~ I feel the sweet, softness of the blanket
under my tummy ~ I know that I have food in my dish, that is yummy ~
Cool clean water, that is also there for me to drink ~ Gosh I even have a
lovely chew toy that once was his shoe ~ So I'll give him all my love,
infact everything I have to give ~ Please let me stay close to him and
with him forevermore to live ~ ~ ~

I once sat all alone in a cruel cage made of wire ~ Making money for pet
store's just because it was the all the rage ~ I survived in that ghastly
horrific puppymill to the ripe old age of ten ~ It was a terrible place, lying
there so very cold, in that frightful smelly filthy pen ~ I'd oft at times
wonder fearfully at night, if my sweet babies were alright ~

I'd earnestly pray that for a wee scrap of food they didn't have to fight ~
Well my hips and my joints got so painfully sore from lying on that cold
cruel wire ~ I'd pray so fervently that to have someone to love was my
deepest desire ~ Then sudddenly one morning, oft to an auction, those
horrid cruel people sent me to sell ~ I just knew in my heart that
anything would and had to be better than that hell ~ Wow I just could
not believe all the dog's that were in the auction place ~ Especially the
one who kept growling in my poor tired face ~ Too soon oft to the table it
was my sad turn to go ~ I looked at all the people, seeking to see if there
was anyone I could possibly know ~ The people were looking at me and
then they all started so fast to bid ~ Oh how I wished I were not here,
how I wished I could have gotten away and hid ~ Then suddenly from
the back of the room I surely did see, the sweet sad face of an Angel
looking straight at me ~ This sweet Angel raised his arm and loudly did
begin to shout ~ I'll take her myself I'll willingly pay your ghastly amount
~ Then I was swiftly carried away to a cage for the last time ~ I cried
"What have I done ? I have tried so very hard to be good and  I certainly
haven't committed any crime !". ~

The other cages were opened and the dogs swiftly left that numbing
place ~ And when my cage was finally opened, who should I see ~ But
the sweet face of my loving Angel ~ He gently picked me up and held
me so close, even though I knew I smelt so very bad ~ But I knew from
his gentle voice he wasn't mad ~ Then oft to this sweet, loving place, I
now call my home ~ I know by his side I shall indeed stay and never ever
fear of having to roam no more ~ I must have been truly by God Himself
indeed Blessed some time so very long ago ~ Because whenever he
holds so very close to him, my whole body seems to glow ~I oft at times
find myself thinking of the cruel start to my life so many eons ago ~
Rescue people are indeed angel's, did you really know that ~ They save
us or try to, from those ghastly places called puppy mills ~I hope and
pray so very, very fervently with all of my canine heart ~ That all of my
brother's and sister's trapped in those puppymill's will, Oh, so very, very
soon ~ Will soon be like me ~ And that for them also,  a rescue angel
will swiftly set them all free ~ And someday very, very soon, they too will
have their very own rescue angel acuddling and a loving them on their
knee ~ They will never more be dirty or left frightened all alone in a cold
cruel wire cage ~ And that shortly the public the truth will see, that
breeding dog's or any animal,
for profit is not really the rage.~~~~~

~ ~ ~ Author unknown ~~~
~ ~ ~ Oh, sweet Lord please hear our plea, As we so
humbly beg of Thee, To help us close these awful
types of places down once and forevermore,
Thanking Thee so very, very much Sweet Lord, for
helping us to keep us in all that we do ~~ ~ ~.