Oh how can I even begin to tell you my dearest sweet friend Deb. That I truly know how much for your Lucky
you sadly yearn. I also know without a doubt that your love for him will always burn. But sweet Deb, please
rest assured that your sweet darlinng Lucky on that. Oh such a sad, sad, for you night. From you he was taken
and into God's arm's he was very swiftly led. And now he is indeed bathed in the purest of Heavenly light. Yes
I do indeed know how much your sweet broken heart doth yearn. Filled with such sad deep sorrow. How it
feels so much unspeakable pain. Please believe me when I say I know that feeling far too well. And there are
still times, when I feel without my LadyLove . That empty hollowness is sheer hell. Oh dear  sweet Deb, for
you my heart and eyes doth sadly weep. Sometimes in my dreams I'm happily reunited with my LadyLove in
my sleep. Then to sadly wake, yes I do find the tears inside me hard to keep.I remember hearing Lucky's
bark, when you at times I did phone. I remember how we both laughed , when you at him did loudly moan. Yet
in the same breath I'd hear you gently say ...      " Come here my my Lucky, I love you Lucky, with me you're
here to stay ". Oh my poor sweet brokenhearted Deb, oh how deeply I feel your sad loss and pain. But deep
within me I softly and gently hear a sweet voice say " Hey my children called Deb and Patti, it's just for now
that I have taken your beloved cherished furchildren. I am so sorry you and your loved ones have parted
ways. But hush now. Please try hard not to sadly and forlornly weep. Please I tell thee now, your loved ones in
my arms I'll safely keep. And yes there will come a time when all of you, your  dearly departed loved ones you
shall once again regain ". So for now my dear sweet friend Deb, together we can share the same hollow
emptiness, that everyone who loses their treasured, precious  beloved furkiddies must feel. And yes I'm sure
that there will oft be times when we can feel their sweet breath and their cold wet noses at our heel.Yes people
may say " Don't worry, time will soon heal the pain ". But  us Animal lovers  all know better. For our
cherished  lost furkiddies. Our love will always truly deep within us all remain. Yes indeed our love for them
will be forever true in each one's  heart. Please Deb, though we may be thousands of miles apart. I'll try to be
always here for you. I'm so sorry, so very sorry I wasn't home, when for me on your very sorrowful night, you
did phone. Now I feel so bad inside, especially at night when all my aches doth moan. I am here for you Deb.
Please remember that, I can only pray and hope with all my heart, that it will get easier to bear Lucky's
passing. I know there will  still times, you'll weep those very sad tears, Im here for my sweet friend Deb and
with God's help . He'll continue to let me help you and many, many others ( I can but pray ). for a few more
years. ....... I love you, God Bless and I beg Him that He will help console and comfort you in this your sad
time of sorrow. Also to everyone else who knew that your love for Lucky was true.  Please try to remember
that he's now safely waiting for you at the bridge. Just waiting  for his sweet Mama, with her love so very
sweet and true. I sure hope he has a very, very long wait at Heaven's Gate. Because I know that so very
many people besides myself love you, I'll leave the rest unspoken. And here I shall end my tribute to both you
and Lucky , Please accept a true friends small token. Gostra ....
To Deb and Lucky from a very, very  saddened Patti {{x}}