The Welsh Springer Spaniel
There will be Welsh links at the bottom. So you can learn more about our favourite small

Well on we go with the Welsh Springer Standard ...

General Appearance: A symmetrical, strong, merry, active dog. Not too be built too stilty (
fine boned ).

Head - Skull : Proportionate of medium length. Slightly domed. Clearly defined STOP. Well
chiseled below the eyes.

Muzzle - Medium length, straight, fairly square,

Nostrils : Well developed and liver coloured or black.

Jaw  - Strong. ... Teeth: Neither over nor undershot (extremely bad faults)

Eyes - Hazel or Dark Brown. Medium set. Not prominent or sunken nor showing any Haw.

Ears - Set moderately low and hanging close to the cheeks. Comparatively small and
narrowing towards the tip. Covered with a fine Setter like feathering. The ears are also Vine
leaf shaped. A short chubby head is
MOST objectionable.

Neck -Shoulders : Neck long and muscular. Clean in throat, neatly set into long sloping

Forelegs : Medium length. Straight. WELL Boned. Moderately feathered.

Body : Not long, strong and muscular with deep Brisket. Well sprung ribs. Length of body
MUST be proportionate to length of leg. Very well balanced with muscular loin. Slightly
arched and well coupled up.

Quarters : Strong and muscular. Wide and fully developed with deep second thigh.

Hind Legs : Hocks well let down. Stifles moderately bent. Neither twisted in nor out.

Feet : Round with thick pads.

Stern : Tail well set on low NEVER carried above the level of the back. Lightly feathered.
MUST always have a very lively action when in motion. ( Thats the way to judge a Welshie if
their tails not wagging, it means something isn't quite right. Maye he's unhappy with being
exposed to something or they are not very well ).

Coat : Straight, flat and thick of a nice silky texture. NEVER wavy or wiry. A curly coat is
also MOST objectionable.  The one thing about a Welshie's coat is they can be really muddy,
but 1/2/ an hour later, their coats should be back to looking shiny and clean without you
grooming them. OK. The coat tends to shrug off dirt


Height : 18 - 19 inches for the Males.  17  1/2 - 18 inches for the Females.

Colour : A deep rich chestnut fox like red only.  No other colour is permitted !!!.

Please do not breed snappy fine boned Welshie's, this is wrong, & could lead to fear biters.
The Welshman comes from a very Pure and Distinct Origin.  
This is a very bonnie dog, please as with all breeds of dogs find yourselves good reliable,
responsible, reputable breeders, Never buy puppies from unknown sources. Because for you
all you know they could  have come from puppy mills. okay. Please see the following links
and you'll end up enjoying  yourselves with a very fine true Welsh GentleMan/Lady. Please
read up on any breed of dog before you decide to buy. A dog just might not be suitable for you
or your family, so again I beg you please try to go to dog shows or see the nearest breeders of
your chosen breed in your area, I'm sure they will be more than too happy to help you and  
guide you in your choice of dog. alright.
As usual with lotsa Celtic Love, Gostra, Yaki da.