Welcome To Our page on Red & White Irish Setters
The Irish Red & White Setters has completely emerged from all those myths of
Ireland's Sad & Turbulent history. These magic Bonnie Dog's are very much at
home and in the field. We found they were happiest just playing in the wood's and
field's with our kids.  These dogs love the green (typical Irish) and the Hi'Lands.
Yes, they do demand their place within the family, aucht such braw dogs, very easily
trained, but they still love to lounge around the house and love the sofa. I have to
admit they do have the same soft hearted souls as their human Irish counterparts.
Anyone bar the Irish know this Saying?,

"On the battlefield we produce the best of men,
but in the field of Humanity, we can not be Beaten".

They are the original Irish Setters, and did you also know that the Red Setters came
about because the gentry at the time preferred the full red dogs. The Red & White
Irish Setter has to be at least 75 percent white. Though this breed is not for
everyone, they are a very good dog both in the field and in the home.
Let the wyfie loose for a couple of minutes & look what she goes & does :))
Roses, Shamrocks everywhere, think she's trying to give me a hint guys?