International Champion Gaston
*Saint Bernard Hospice in the background*
Welcome To Our Page on Saint Bernard's
Saint Bernard’s are known as members of the Gentle Giants of the Dog World. Some grow
up to between 30"-36" tall and vary in their weights.
These gentle dogs should be steady, kindly, intelligent, courageous, trustworthy and
benevolent, making them ideal companions with children and many different animals. Their
size and bark does tend to very quickly discourage intruders, act...
They originated in Switzerland, the Monks of the Hospice only used the short haired type as
the long haired tended to gather snowball's in their under hair with their weight.
In 1830 the Monks had to breed the short haired Saint's with the Newfoundland, which gave
us the long haired Saints that we see today.
Greatly loved & very sadly missed, in our hearts always:
*BUTCH* Our Padeane Wyoming Pioneer
Great Saint Bernard Pass a 49 mile route in the Western Alps.

The Saint Bernard Hospice. The main pilgrimage routes from Northern Europe to Rome
St.Bernard Montjoix, 996 A.D. - 1081 A.D. Patron saint of skiers & alpine travellers