Welcome To Our Page On Border Collies
The Border Collie is one of the most versatile of all breeds of dog, it has
been bred as a working dog for many years and its willingness to please,
intelligent and active mind, combined with an agile and athletic bady
makes the breed unbeatable in many areas of the working activities today.

The Border Collie is a very young breed of dog.
First known Border Collie was around 1893.
How he got his name is still a mystery?
There are an awful lot of different stories about this.

The Border Collie was raised for herding sheep and that I may say are
really good at it. They can be likened to highly intelligent, hyperactive
children, who need to be adequately occupied to be happy and much
easier to understand and tolerate.

This breed is not for the owner who is Lazy of Body and Mind.