Welcome To Our Old English Sheepdog Page
The origin of the Old English Sheepdog can be traced back to the 19th century. There
are differing ideals, however, as to the real background.
There is a Gainsborough painting dating back to 1771 which shows a dog that looks
very much to be an Old English Sheepdog.

The Old English Sheepdog was probably first developed in the west of England.
It is thought by some that the Scotch Bearded Collie was
a great part of this dogs background.
Others claim one of its ancestors was the Russian Ovcharka.

The Old English Sheepdog is a great house dog who will stay close to home.
He is not given to fighting and is extremely agile.
He is intelligent, affectionate, but not boisterous.
A pronounced characteristic of this dog is his gait, he resembles a bear.
He is a strong, compact looking dog. He is long as he is tall, but not leggy.
Very hairy with a loud bark.