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The "Welsh Springer Spaniel" is also known and referred to in Wales as the "Starter" spaniel. (They rush/dart  
into the thickets & flush out the game)
The Breed is of very ancient and pure origin and is a distinct variety that has been bred and preserved for working

The Welsh Springer is a very intelligent and bright Dog. Rarely forgetting a losson or experience once learned.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is an attractive dark rich red and white dog (this is the only color of the breed, also
known as a rich chestnut fox color) of handy size, between 35lbs to 55lbs in weight. Its coloring is one of its
distinguishing traits as are its vine-leaf shaped ears.

The Welsh Springer, by nature, is a handy dog whose coat helps him withstand the extremes of heat and cold. Their
ability to adapt to many situations makes the Welsh Springer an easy dog to keep. They are equally content living in
town, country, or a kennel and they:
ONLY   suffer from LACK of attention!  
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