And here we have our three incorrigible hosts of one of my favorite TV shows.
From left to right we have:

Richard Hammond ... (Hamster),
Center we have good old Jeremy Clarkson, .. (Jezzer)
Right we have James May ... (Captain Slow)

I love watching them as they get into so many scrapes, love the races they often have, this show is ace.
Best of the best, very, very informative & also comical show for auto's
(You'll have a smile om your face when you watch their shows :)
And here we have the famous Stig, Top Gear's car tester,
Whenever Jeremy introduces him he has a different story every time,
and the public do not know & still wonder who Stig really is:)
But surely there's no harm in trying to find out, say what?
Please click on the pictures to view full size. :)
To carry on veiwing TV & Movie themes
Please click below link to see Jeremy, Richard and James face a testing 215 mile journey
holiday weekend in the West Country. Fantastic high definition clip from the
award-winning motoring show.

Top Gear Official Site